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At Tech City UK, our aim is to accelerate the growth of digital businesses at every stage in their lifecycle. We have a range of programmes such as the Digital Business Academy (very early stage), Future Fifty (later stage) and we are now unveiling our new programme: Upscale.

We have spent the last 12 months in a period of intense market research trying to answer the following question:

How can we help UK tech companies scale-up successfully?

We’ve spoken to a lot of people across the UK tech industry, in a multitude of sectors to understand the challenges you’re facing and where you need support. We’ve discussed a wide range of issues, including:

  • How do I grow my revenue without growing my costs?
  • How do I determine my product direction and priorities?
  • How do I train my sales team?
  • How do I decide when to take my company global?
  • What should my company’s intern policy be?
  • How can I find a VP of Sales for a SaaS business?
  • How do I manage my newly appointed board?
  • When do I introduce HR into my company?
  • How do I incentivise early employees now that my team has grown?
  • How can I prepare my company for Series B?
  • How should I spend the money I’ve raised so far?
  • How do I deal with my fear of failure?

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Ultimately, the message we heard from you was:

“I want to interact with other leading entrepreneurs to learn how they have overcome growth barriers”

The Tech City UK team has listened to your needs and built the Upscale programme.

Applications have now opened for the first 6 month Upscale pilot programme. We will be selecting 30 of the fastest growing UK headquartered Series A (or equivalent) companies to join our first group of founders.

Apply Now

Along with 29 other founders, you will be part of a high impact programme, getting together each month to talk about scaling challenges in a bespoke, structured environment. Each session will be lead by a Scale Coach: someone who has built or led a world class digital business.


This is a free programme: no equity, no fees and no strings attached. What we ask of you is that you treat this as a commitment. This is a peer-to-peer, founder-to-founder network and it only works if you engage with the programme and the other members.

Join our network of founders scaling fast: scaling together.

Apply Now


Read more about the launch of the programme on the Tech City UK blog.

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