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Why would you let your employees set their own salaries? – Makers Academy

An interview with Evgeny Shadchnev, CEO and co-founder of Makers Academy, by Brett Putter
Makers Academy is a truly fascinating startup. Europe’s leading Web Developer bootcamp that not only teaches ‘the principles of software craftsmanship’ but also supports students to get their first programming job — and it’s a Culture First company. Read more here.

5 ways to retain a startup culture while scaling

This a guest post from Bertie Hubbard, CEO of MyTutor, an Upscale 3.0 company.
At MyTutor, we’ve gone from a team of one (a father who built a platform from his bedroom to support his daughters’ studies) to a team of 20+ in a shared office in Shoreditch, with plans to expand again in the next few months as we gear up for our second institutional fundraising round. Read more here.

37 of the UK’s fastest growing Tech Companies join Upscale 2018

Today we’re announcing the new 37 companies joining Upscale for 2018. The Upscale Programme from Tech City UK, now in its third year, powers some of the fastest growing tech companies in the country. Read more here.

Upscale 3.0 - Applications open!

If you’re a UK-headquartered digital business, with Series A funding (or £500k revenue if bootstrapped), and can demonstrate a good level of month-on-month traction, this could be the programme for you. And the whole thing is free. Applications are open now, but you’ve only got until 3 November to apply. Read more here.

OneFineStay CEO & founder Greg Marsh – ‘Why hiring slow and firing fast is one of the hardest things founders have to do’

This interview with Greg Marsh, founder and CEO of OneFineStay is the latest in our Upscale Knowledge series; a run of interviews with mentors from the programme on a range of topics facing entrepreneurs today. Read more here.

Blippar CMO and Co-Founder Jessica Butcher – ‘Here's how to retain company culture as you scale'

This interview with Jessica Butcher, cofounder and CMO of Blippar is the latest in our Upscale Knowledge series; a run of interviews with mentors from the programme on a range of topics facing entrepreneurs today. Read more here.

Wonderbly CEO Asi Sharabi – ‘Managing your own psychology is the number one challenge founders face’

This interview with Asi Sharabi, cofounder and CEO of Wonderbly is the first in a new series called Upscale Knowledge; a run of interviews with mentors from the programme on a range of topics facing entrepreneurs today. Read more here.

Making headlines: How AI company Signal is transforming media analysis

In our latest guest blog post from Upscale programme partners Amazon Web Services, we explore the current transformation of media analysis at the hands of AI company Signal Media. Read more here.

Announcing the 33 Companies Joining Upscale 2017!

Today we’re announcing 33 companies joining Upscale. The Upscale programme will power some of the fastest growing UK tech companies on their scaling journey. Read more here.

Scaling the Heights With Upscale – from Zheela Qaiser

As the first six month pilot Upscale programme comes to an end Programme Director, Zheela Qaiser, reflects on the journey that both the companies and Tech City UK have been on. Read more here.

Scaling the Hiring Process – from Scale Coach, Suranga Chandratillake

After his recent session with the Upscale CTOs – on hiring in a scale-up – Suranga Chandratillake, General Partner at Balderton Capital, shares his learnings on how to make the process as efficient as possible. Read more here.

Scaling a UK Business Internationally - from Scale Coach, Anthony Fletcher

After his recent session with Upscale C-Suite, Graze founder and CEO, Anthony Fletcher, shares his journey of scaling a UK business internationally and into the US market. Read more here.

Scaling Digital Businesses & Tech Ecosystems – Scale Coach, Saul Klein – Q&A

After his recent session with the Upscale founders, we caught up with Scale Coach, Saul Klein, for a Q&A with Tech City UK CEO, Gerard Grech, on some of the key learnings from his amazing career. The conversation focused on scaling digital businesses and tech ecosystems. Read more here.

Scaling PR in a Digital Business – from Scale Coach, Doug Monro

After his recent session with the Upscale founders Doug Monro, co-founder of job search engine Adzuna, shares his insights on ‘PR on a shoestring – the first steps’. Read more here.

“Agents of Purpose” Scaling Operations - from Scale Coach, David Norris

We recently held another amazing Upscale workshop with the COOs of many of the 30 companies who recently joined the programme. This session was on Scaling Operations and held by Scale Coach, David Norris, of Forward Partners. Read more here.

Inspire Your Employees to Walk Through Walls for You - from Scale Coach, Ali Schultz

On Monday morning earlier last week, my partner Jerry Colonna and I (in our role as Scale Coaches) met a group of entrepreneurs from the Upscale programme at the top of the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch for a discussion about the challenges of entrepreneurship and why resilience is a key element of leadership. Read more here.

What is the Upscale programme and why should I apply?

At Tech City UK, our aim is to accelerate the growth of digital businesses at every stage in their lifecycle. We have a range of programmes such as the Digital Business Academy (very early stage), Future Fifty (later stage) and we are now unveiling our new programme: Upscale. Read more about the programme here.